Compliance & Risk Management

Downloadable resources available for you to apply practically in your day-to-day business operations. Our resources section includes policies & procedures, checklists, guides, templates and more. Leave us a note to request anything specific we can assist you with.

Board Succession Planning Template


The Board Succession Planning Template offers the opportunity to assess your current Board composition. It helps identify any characteristics that may be missing. The template helps you understand what skills and experience are required to allow your Board to operate more effectively both now, and in the future.

CEO Succession Contingency Plan


Having a contingency plan for the unexpected death, illness, termination or resignation of a CEO is an essential part of the risk management of your organisation. Developing a policy which clearly outlines the procedures which need to occur can minimise any negative impact of this event on your staff, organisation, constituents and your reputation.



The signing of contracts has implications not only for the organisation as an entity, but also for the individual staff, Directors and stakeholders of that organisation. Having a contracts policy in place is not only good governance, but essential risk management. Enterprise Care has developed a practical, customised policy manual which covers all aspects of contract policy and procedures,

Directors and Officers Insurance Checklist


Designed and written for Company Secretaries and Directors, this Checklist outlines the various questions that should be considered about Directors and Officers insurance, detailing thirty-one (31) Key Review Areas in a ready-to-use template. Against each of the highlighted thirty-one (31) Key Review Areas, it offers useful commentary.

Procedures for the Management of Complaints: Re Members


The processing of complaints should follow specified procedures in a speedy manner to ensure that natural justice principles are upheld ensuring confidentiality and diligent record-keeping. This publication sets out for your organisation the guidelines to follow in the processing of complaints about members.

Risk Management Policy and Procedures


This publication sets out for your organisation the details of an appropriate Risk Management Policy and Procedure ensuring a commitment to providing a safe and healthy working environment for all workers. It recognises that a robust risk management framework is an integral part of a sound Work Health and Environment Management System.



It’s rare these days to find even the smallest organisation without a website. The ease of obtaining and copying information on the internet makes it especially important that you communicate your organisation’s policies on terms of use of your website; copyright; trade mark; accuracy of information, pricing, availability; disclaimer of liability and indemnity; and privacy policy.

Bullying Policy


This Policy and Procedure can be instantly applied to your organisation to ensure that all stakeholders* when engaged in your organisation’s activities, are aware of what constitutes Bullying, and agree to behave in a manner consistent with your organisation’s values. *Stakeholders include staff, contractors, consultants, service providers, clients, customers, members, constituents, stakeholders and visitors.