Enterprise Care exists to empower organisations with critical insights to operate more effectively and achieve their purpose

We do this through 2 main avenues:

Organisation & Board Governance

With over 3 decades of governance expertise, Enterprise Care now offers a Governance Intelligence® framework which is a game changer in the field of governance. Our purpose was born out of a need to uncover key metrics that are consistently observed in peak performing/‘healthy’ organisations.

By analysing these key peak performance metrics for your organisation, it is possible to benchmark leading indicators of organisation performance.

Boards, CEO’s and Senior Leaders have long struggled with sourcing the right information in a timely manner. Our insights uncover:

  • Areas of organisation strength,
  • Opportunities for optimisation; and
  • Emerging issues (No issue materialises out of thin air, there are always warning signs. The problem is, those warning signs are often not surfaced to those that can make decisions and provide remedial action before a crisis occurs).

Remuneration Benchmarking

Now in its 25th year, we have been providing annual Not for Profit Remuneration reporting since 1999. As a result of this history, we’ve been able to build incredibly rich trend data while continuing to evolve and optimise our reporting based on client feedback.

What began as physical publications transitioned to digital publications and more recently an interactive online portal.

This portal includes thousands of data points across 75+ NFP positions of all seniority levels, with up to 10 years of historical trend data. It is the most comprehensive and user-friendly of its kind in Australia. Our portal can be sliced and diced by you, with filters applicable to your specific organisation characteristics as well as role requirements.

Our Commitments

Enterprise Care’s commitments are to:

  • Deliver market-leading products and services
  • Innovate by offering value-creating solutions
  • Offer practical solutions by understanding our clients’ needs
  • Respect and value our business partners
  • Work collaboratively to create productive relationships.


Beverley Butler Director, MEGT Australia

“The MEGT Remuneration & Governance Committee was keen to provide key insights into specific elements that impact our Board’s future performance and sustainability.

Damien Smith used Enterprise Care’s Governance Intelligence® Audit tool which allowed the MEGT Board to easily identify the right issues; and through their Peer Conversation® session empower directors to finalise the way forward.

Damien Smith and Enterprise Care are to be congratulated in developing the Governance Intelligence® diagnostic framework that pointed the way for MEGT.”

Bryan de Caires, CEO, Australian Security Industry Association Limited

“The Governance Intelligence Board Impact Audit provided an innovative way for key stakeholders in our organisation to review, assess and discuss current governance and reporting practices. As a result, we have been able to identify opportunities where we can further improve governance practices within our organisation.”

Rhonda Whitfield, Past Chair, Bayley House

“After 65 years of operation we thought it very timely to conduct our first-ever assessment of board performance and benchmark our effectiveness. We anticipated there were gaps in our knowledge and effectiveness but were uncertain where to begin to objectively identify and develop a plan to address them.

Damien Smith, Managing Director Enterprise Care guided us through an expert process to resolve these issues. Damien deftly facilitated development of our action plan in a very professional, thorough and energetic manner. We achieved much in a short timeframe. Damien’s passion for good governance was always evident and he imparted many years’ worth of important, shared learnings.

I highly recommend the use of the Governance Intelligence® Audit as a robust measurement tool for objectively evaluating board effectiveness. The combination of results from our Governance Intelligence® Audit together with the workshop led by Damien Smith was a powerful way to quickly understand how to continuously improve board interactivity and performance.”