Procedures for the Management of Complaints: Re Members


Procedures for the Management of Complaints: Re Members


From time to time, members of your organisation may be the subject of a complaint. The processing of complaints should follow specified procedures in an expeditious manner to ensure that natural justice principles are upheld. Confidentiality and record-keeping guidelines must also be followed for such complaints.

This publication sets out for your organisation the guidelines to follow in the processing of complaints about members. Procedural items covered include:

  • Initiation of complaints
  • Referral of matter
  • Convening of Disciplinary Committee
  • Committee recommendation
  • Disciplinary Committee meeting
  • Disciplinary committee recommendation
  • Potential rulings
  • Board sanctions
  • Member appeal

Confidentiality and record-keeping guidelines required in the management of such complaints are also detailed.

This publication ensures that your organisation is prepared in the event of a complaint about one of your members being received.