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Enterprise Care is excited to announce the release of Governance Intelligence® Health Checks.

Embracing Governance Intelligence® Health Checks is a powerful means for you and others to gain credible and practical visibility and understanding of what is happening with your organisation.  These Health Checks offer your Board and executive the opportunity to readily identify the relevant and timely actions that will improve the organisation performance. Click HERE for more information.

2014/2015 Not for Profit Remuneration Report

Thank you to those who participated in this year's Remuneration Survey.  The 16th annual Not for Profit Remuneration Report has now been released.  To purchase your copy of this valuable resource click HERE.

Who We Are

Enterprise Care is a highly respected company which delivers effective governance solutions and practices enabling organisations to optimally operate within a complex and chaotic world.

Being at the forefront of governance thinking, Enterprise Care provides solutions that enable diverse organisations to grow substantially.

Enterprise Care was established in 1988 and through its products and services empowers the ongoing positive transformation within organisations. It has a strong focus on delivering cleverer solutions.

Enterprise Care is headquartered in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. View our Purpose, Principles, Values and Commitments

Publication Index 

A special thank you to all EC Members who completed our recent Publications Review Survey. A Discount Voucher has been forwarded to you in appreciation.

A considerable number of responses were received providing positive feedback with some beneficial and valuable suggestions.

One suggestion was to provide a full listing of EC publications. You can now find such a list, categorised under useful headings, by clicking HERE.

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