Contracts Policy


Contracts Policy


Dealing with contracts has become an area of responsibility not just for Boards and CEOs, but also for many staff and volunteers within an organisation. In addition, contracts are becoming increasingly complex and subject to a wide variety of terms and conditions, which should be clearly understood.

The signing of contracts has implications not only for the organisation as an entity, but also for the individual staff, Directors and stakeholders of that organisation. This significant obligation should be clearly defined and understood by all involved before entering into even the most basic of contracts.

Having a contracts policy in place is not only good governance, but essential risk management. Enterprise Care has developed a practical, customised policy manual which covers all aspects of contract policy and procedures, including:

  • purpose;
  • scope;
  • policy;
  • procedures;
  • specific issues such as taxation and insurance;
  • related policies; and
  • accountabilities.

The Contracts Policy also provides:

  • a pro forma Request for Contract Execution; and
  • a flow chart for Negotiation and Execution of Contracts.

Can you afford not to have this Contracts Policy as part of your governance program?