Directors and Officers Insurance Checklist


Directors and Officers Insurance Checklist


Do you know what to look for when purchasing Directors and Officers Insurance?

Is your current insurance cover fit for purpose?

Designed and written for Company Secretaries and Directors, this Checklist outlines the various questions that should be considered about Directors and Officers insurance, detailing thirty-one (31) Key Review Areas in a ready-to-use template. Against each of the highlighted thirty-one (31) Key Review Areas, it offers useful commentary. This includes what are some of the important aspects to look for as a solution; or suggestions of what may be relevant for you to consider to be appropriate.

Key Review Areas include:

  • What are the duties and obligations placed on each director?
  • Who might be the potential claimants against you as a director?
  • Are there any needs specific to my industry or circumstances that should be specifically addressed in my Directors and Officers coverage?
  • Are there any exclusions that I am not comfortable with?

The Directors and Officers Insurance Checklist is provided as a WORD document, which can be edited and customised to your organisation’s requirements. It can be implemented immediately to review the adequacy and suitability of your current insurance cover.