Our mission is to support organisations to reach their potential across every facet of activity and impact. Our passion in this area has led us to become thought leaders in the field of Governance. We do this through:

Articles for your perusal

We’ve developed some governance content for you to review – governance is ever-evolving and we love to help our clients stay informed about the latest trends:

December 7, 2023 in Remuneration

Our Modern Reward Genie

Our Modern Reward Genie A New Landscape is Revealed In all of Enterprise Care’s 25 years of involvement in an annual NFP Remuneration survey & report, 2023 was unlike any…
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December 4, 2023 in Governance

Is Your Board the Best It Can Be?

Is Your Board the Best It Can Be? On every CEO and senior leaders’ wish list is to work with a great board. The contrast between working with a great…
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November 14, 2023 in Remuneration

Remuneration – the Continuing Challenge for NFPs

Remuneration - the Continuing Challenge for NFPs   All indications are that Remuneration will be a continuing challenge for Not for Profit/For Purpose organisations (NFPs) in 2024. NFP Leaders are…
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November 13, 2023 in Governance

Boards that Manage Succession Planning

Boards that Manage Succession Planning The Magic of Governance Sometimes it is easy to overlook what the magic of governance is. At its best, governance is capable of playing the…
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Our MD has also released an eBook that helps consolidate the latest thinking in Governance.

As a University lecturer on the topic of governance for MBA’s, Damien J Smith AM is uniquely positioned to provide a progressive view on governance.

With 30 years experience founding and managing his own organisation and with experience across 8 different Boards as Chair and independent director, this is a powerful insight into good governance.