Enterprise Care’s NFP Salary Benchmarking

We have been providing NFP salary benchmarking for over 25 years.

As a result of this history, we’ve been able to cement ourselves as the most comprehensive Not for Profit salary benchmarking provider in Australia.

Every year we source the latest NFP salary data across Australia. This includes over 75 NFP positions. We source the data from hundreds of NFPs every year. For each of the individual roles, you can view the salary by multiple organisation characteristics (e.g. NFP size, type, State). The salary benchmarks can be viewed as Base Salary or Total Package Value (with the additional benefits being offered broken out for you).

Organisation Profile elements:

  • organisation classification
  • total expenditure
  • total number of employees
  • number of paid members (if applicable)
  • geographic scope
  • headquarter location

Options to Suit Every Need & Price Point

FY24 NFP Salary Data is live
This is our 25th year and is our most comprehensive data set yet
We have services to suit all budgets and complexity

Benefits of Salary Benchmarking:

Benchmarking NFP salaries ensures that your remuneration is fair, relative to the market you are operating in. An effectively designed remuneration strategy supports you to:

  • attract high quality employees
  • retain great employees
  • motivate existing employees.

Salary is an essential part of the Employee Value Proposition (EVP).

There are 3 levels of services available for Not for Profits:

  • One role report ($99): this is ideal for a specific role check which will include all data points relevant to the role and organisation characteristics (e.g. size, State, NFP type).
  • Full Portal Access ($275-$990): Pricing is tiered, based on level of benefit (i.e. number of employees that can be benchmarked). This allows you to review thousands of data points across all 75 roles.
  • Specialised consulting (bespoke proposal based on size of review): Our experts evaluate the relevant Position Descriptions against Enterprise Care’s 5 point Job Evaluation Scale. This is delivered in a detailed report with a salary band framework and performance management guidelines.

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One Role Report


Small NFP Portal

1-50 employees

Full Portal Access


Medium NFP Portal

51-250 employees

Full Portal Access


Large NFP Portal

251+ employees

Full Portal Access


Specialist Consulting

Tailored to your organisation and specific role descriptions. Price varies according to number of roles within your organisation requiring review.

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