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Performance Evaluation and Review of the CEO and Senior Staff

Price: $341.00

Regular performance evaluation and review of the Chief Executive Officer and senior staff of your organisation is integral to the achievement of organisational goals.

Why is this?

Because it is through regular undertaking of this evaluation exercise that the CEO and Board remain aware of the achievements, short-falls and discrepancies within the organisation. In addition you may also need to address any required modifications.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) should also be identified from the organisation’s Board-approved Strategy Implementation and Monitoring document.

This valuable publication provides a detailed Framework for the performance evaluation and review of the CEO, as well as for all other senior staff.

The Framework is a Word document. This format allows you to use it as provided, or to modify it to take further account of your organisation’s specific circumstances.

Issues, Skill Areas and KPIs are all identified within the Framework together with an Appendix providing a detailed Strategic Issues breakdown as an illustration and guide.


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