Employment Agreement


Employment Agreement


Having an appropriate employment agreement with each new employee is fundamental to the commencement and ongoing productive relationship between an organisation and its employees.

There are many aspects to consider for inclusion in such a contract. It is also essential that the agreement be comprehensive, fair and individualized to each new employee.

Enterprise Care’s generic Employment Agreement provides you with the content for inclusion in any employment contract. With twenty (20) Operative Provisions ranging across Definitions and Interpretations, Employment Terms, Disciplinary Procedures, Superannuation, Ending Employment, Disclosure of Information, Intellectual Property, and all matters in between, the Agreement highlights those important issues you need to consider for inclusion.

A well-prepared Employment Agreement provides the blueprint for employment arrangements and gives both the organisation and the new employee the confidence of knowing that all eventualities are appropriately considered and managed.

Enterprise Care’s Employment Agreement will ensure that your organisation’s employment relationships start off on the right foot every time.