Job Evaluation Methodology


Job Evaluation Methodology


  • Does your organisation have the right organisational structure to be competitive and relevant?
  • Are you able to precisely and fairly evaluate the contribution of each position? and
  • Are you certain your position descriptions are accurate for the work being done, and remunerated according to the level of skill required, and responsibility given?

If you answered ‘no’ to even one of these questions, a job evaluation review is vital to your organisation’s success.

Undertaking a job evaluation is integral to ensuring all of your employees are appropriately remunerated, and that the person in the position possesses the skills to drive efficiency and growth in your organisation.

Enterprise Care recognised that many organisations have limited skills and budget for what can often times be a complicated and time-consuming Human Resource management project.

This publication is designed to provide you with the skills and knowledge to undertake a comprehensive review of your organisation’s positions in-house.

The Job Evaluation Methodology will provide information on:

  • how to conduct a detailed position review, which includes questions to ask and a template of a position description;
  • how to analyse each role to determine a Job Evaluation Score;
  • how to create Salary Classification Bands into which all positions can be allocated;
  • how to assign a minimum and maximum remuneration for each Salary Classification Band that is based on the organisation’s remuneration policy and budgetary constraints; and
  • how to benchmark positions internally and externally to ensure consistency and to set an annual Total Remuneration for each position.

This publication is your virtual expert in showing you how to conduct a fair, methodical, objective, consistent and credible review, that will show the differences between jobs in a meaningful and measurable way.