Performance Planning and Review Process


Performance Planning and Review Process


Generating significant benefits with Performance Planning and Review Process Agreements

Too often managers and staff do not know whether what they have done at work is of any value or not. Yes we may have the right people with the right skills in the right positions but is their work activity or services required or a real contributor to the organisation’s required outcomes?

So what constitutes good performance in your organisation? If you don’t know then this publication is a must.

Enterprise Care’s Performance Planning and Review Process will enhance an individual’s understanding, their alignment and the clarity of what constitutes a successful achievement of your organisation’s goals.

The Performance Planning and Review Process agreement provides:

  • clarity of how to achieve the organisational goals
  • setting of realistic individual performance goals
  • shared understanding for assessing levels of ongoing performance
  • agreed basis of recognition of performance levels
  • clear reward triggers
  • means to better manage under-performance
  • basis for offering professional development support

This tool acknowledges that everyone in the organisation is important. When each staff is recognised as a valued contributor, then this feeling of being both wanted and essential translates into the individual generating a far greater level of personal contribution. In turn, this translates into far better outcomes for the organisation.

Everyone is truly a winner.