Board and Director Governance Performance Evaluation



Overview and Purpose

Good governance dictates that regular performance evaluations should be conducted of both a Board as a whole, and Directors individually. The Board and Director Performance Evaluation Program offers a practical approach to conducting an internal performance evaluation of your Board and Directors.

The publication is a combination of workshop material and evaluation tool. It prompts Directors to reflect on key issues within their organisation, providing the basis for development of an evaluation program.

The program includes an extensive sample evaluation questionnaire that can be tailored for your Board. This inexpensive program is a great alternative to hiring external consultants, and is an ideal way of introducing your Board to the concept of evaluating their own performance.

Topics Covered

  • Overview of the evaluation program;
  • Purpose and means of the evaluation;
  • Checklist of possible review topics;
  • Structuring the evaluation;
  • Developing the evaluation format; and
  • A substantial and expansive Performance Evaluation tool.