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Unlocking Organisational Health:
A Call to Action


Committing to successfully building your organisational health can no longer be considered as aspirational – it is a sustainable imperative.

In today’s dynamic operating landscape captured via such magical acronyms as VUCA / BANI / RUPT or TUNA*, organisational health is the bedrock of sustained success, innovation, resilience and employee well-being.

As recognised leaders, there is a unique opportunity to be at the forefront of driving transformative change by prioritising organisational health. Let’s explore the essential components and actionable decisions that will propel our organisations toward successful sustainability and operating resilience.

Key Inputs and Actions

  • Identity and Purpose
    • An organisation’s identity is shaped by a clear vision, mission and core values, which guides decisions and actions. Through the reaffirmation of the organisation’s mission and purpose this can rally employees and stakeholders around a shared sense of direction and value.
    • Strengthening those strategic partnerships and fostering effective planning ensures alignment with the organisation’s goals and nurtures adaptability in a rapidly evolving environment.
  • Positivity and Inclusivity
    • A thriving culture celebrates diversity, encourages collaboration and values every individual’s contributions. Organisations have an opportunity to be the creators of an operating environment where innovation flourishes and employees feel empowered to bring their talents expertise to work.
    • The organisation’s leaders through their evident commitment to inclusion yields a multiplier effect that fosters creativity, trust and loyalty, which ultimately can drive ongoing superior outcomes.
  • Personal and Boundaryless
    • Organisational health can be viewed as being without any boundaries. Its reach continues beyond the immediate stakeholders. By prioritising well-being, employees will operate with an enhanced performance leading directly to positively impacting customers or clients or members or partners and ultimately society.
    • It is through the championing of meaningful causes aligned with the organisation’s mission and purpose, that a real difference in the world can be appreciated.

Strategies for Building a Healthy Organisation

  • Empowerment
    • Empowering the organisation’s employees with autonomy and flexibility fuels motivation and creativity. The challenge that many may baulk at but needs overcoming is to trust the employees to take ownership of their responsibilities, thereby promoting job satisfaction, reducing stress and achieving an improved level of well-being overall.
  • Cultivate the desired Culture
    • Just as it takes a village to educate a child, it takes a collective effort to shape the organisation’s desired culture. Through the encouragement of open feedback, the investing in learning and personal development, and timely celebration of the various organisation’s achievements – big or small, a sense of both the collective as well as a shared tone is experienced.
    • Transparent communication and safe spaces for idea-sharing by anyone, fosters greater collaboration and loyalty.
  • Elevate Workplace Health and Safety
    • The approach to safety in any organisation is a powerful medium to communicate the tone and value placed on the employees. Make it of non-negotiable importance and one of the first things considered when development workplans.
    • A healthy workforce not only minimises absenteeism and associated costs, but it also delivers productivity and ultimately sustainable success. The organisation’s resilience in the face of external changes can be accommodated and generally overcome.
  • Promote Employee Well-being
    • It cannot be perceived as a cost but a valuable investment. By investing in such things as health education, counselling and wellness programs yields multiple benefits not only to induvial employees, but the organisation as a whole and even to stakeholders. Of course, today, the younger staff are not unreasonably expecting the prioritising of work-life balance or harmony as well as mental health and well-being as a right..
    • Studies show that a healthier workforce translates to sustained productivity and reduced burnout.
  • Align Strategy
    • Through considerations of those factors involving capability, clarity of roles, accountability, realistic goals as well as genuine and caring leaders, it is then clear that organisational health is considered significant and front and certain of the organisation’s vision, mission, and goals.
    • This alignment can directly contribute to driving positive performance improvements and secure the organisation’s long-term successes.


An organisation’s leaders are not only the stewards of its sustainable compass but equally its guardians of its organisational health journey. Leaders hold the magic potion of acting decisively, inspiring change, supporting the mix of ingredients – capability people and resources, that can so propel employee’s confidence and energy where the organisational health is not just an aspiration—it’s our reality. In the spirit of togetherness, each assist in the unlocking of unprecedented potential and creativity that truly will have an enduring positive on the organisation’s future and those who participate in its story.

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