Governance Scenarios


Governance Scenarios


Overview and Purpose

Does your Board know what they don’t know? Uncover the gaps in your governance knowledge using these real-life scenarios, covering key areas such as legal, policy and strategy, accountability, public relations and risk management.

This publication provides assistance in addressing the problem many organisations confront: that is, “I don’t know what I don’t know” or “how/where do I find out what I don’t know?”.

The governance scenarios presented here approximate real-life possibilities. By working through them, especially as a Board, you can address potential problems before they arise.

The scenarios outlined include significant issues that many Not for Profit organisations and their Committees or Boards often confront. Each scenario offers the opportunity for your Board to discuss the governance issues; assess how the situation should have been handled; develop a strategy on how it would be handled in your organisation; and outline practices that could be changed. Each of these areas concludes with best practice recommendations.

The publication is intended as a tool of practical use to Boards and their Chief Executive Officers.
This publication is an invaluable tool in assisting Boards review and highlight potential areas of difficulty in internal governance practices.