Governance and Board Papers Template


Governance and Board Papers Template


The best decisions need to be based on good information.

Directors rely on management for timely and accurate information. Without this, the Board struggles to make effective decisions.

As Board decisions impact the organisation, it needs to involve formalised Board Papers. Not only will this facilitate better discussions, it will lead to better decision-making.

In addition it provides an excellent formal record of the Board’s decisions. It is also a great reference to assess the successes of past decisions.

So do you have high quality Board papers that your Directors can confidently rely on to make the right decisions?

If not, then our newly released Governance and Board Papers Template will certainly help.

Our Template details the steps so that you can develop your own valuable Board Papers. The template also lists and identifies items for inclusion in a valued Board Paper.

Experience the difference as Board members and Management more confidently engage in the task of decision-making.

As a bonus this ePublication includes a Board Paper sample and it is ready-to-use as a customisable template.