Employment Deed of Release


Employment Deed of Release


The Employment Deed of Release (ePublication)

Termination or Transition is the inevitable endpoint of the human resources life cycle.

All employees eventually will leave the organisation, whether it be retirement or moving to new opportunities or being terminated or made redundant.

The role of HR in this process is to ensure that all policies and procedures are followed. These may involve an exit interview; confirming the employee’s entitlements; checking on correct termination payments; and protecting the organisation from detrimental actions of the ex-employee.

Additionally, the employee  may be unsure of their entitlements and or rights, and make demands on the Employer. Some of the demands may be both genuine and relatively easy to negotiate and resolve.

Often there can be ambiguity and uncertainty as to the specific solution to the demands. This leads to a level of animosity and ill-feelings. In turn, it can mean one party is left feeling the result is unsatisfactory.

Whenever this occurs it is wise to use a Deed of Release. Everyone then knows the separation issues has been discussed, agreed and recorded accurately.

This ePublication lists various matters that should be included in a Deed of Release.

It also has a section which explains the reasoning and offers insights into why certain matters are to be considered for inclusion.

This could be very useful to discuss with the employee. Examples of matters raised include:

  • Coverage of potential claims
  • Communications
  • Confidentiality
  • Legal enforceability
  • Consequences for breach of terms

Importantly the Enterprise Care Employment Deed of Release is provided as a Word document template. Hence it is ready to use and can be personalised for your organisation.