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Optimising your Remuneration Strategy to Enhance Talent Management

The Challenge to Attract & Retain Quality Talent as a NFP

Not for Profit/For Purpose organisations (NFPs) play a vital role in addressing societal needs, yet they face significant challenges in attracting and retaining quality talent due to financial constraints and competitive pressures. This makes developing a strategic remuneration strategy essential to ensuring sustainable success.

Specific Sector Considerations

The specific nature of NFPs requires informed insights and specialist understanding in tailoring a sustainable remuneration strategy. There are many factors that influence the attractiveness of an organisation’s Employee Value Proposition (EVP). Ensuring clarity of EVP both internally for talent retention and externally for talent acquisition is critical in today’s highly competitive market for talent. Tight budgets often necessitate efficient resource allocation and an understanding of both the broader market and internal relativities of compensation practices.

Strategic Compensation for Sustainability and Growth

A strategic remuneration approach can significantly and measurably strengthen an NFP’s sustainability and growth by:

  1. Benchmarking
    Comparing compensation packages with similar roles in NFPs of similar size & complexity to ensure salaries and benefits are competitive in attracting and retaining top talent.
  2. Performance Plans
    Developing context-specific plans that clearly outline deliverable expectations and role growth/progression trajectories.
  3. Benefits Optimisation
    Creating benefits packages that are meaningful to employees and reflect the values of the organisation. This forms part of the Employee Value Proposition (EVP).

Challenges to Address

Many NFPs face compensation challenges that can lead to:

  1. Misaligned Salaries
    Inconsistent benchmarking over time can result in disproportionate salaries, damaging an organisation’s reputation and attracting criticism.
    Moreover, the need for transparency in pay is increasingly urgent, requiring proactive and delicate handling before it escalates into a significant internal concern.
  2. Disparity in Pay
    Significant gaps between employees with similar impact and accountability can undermine morale and reflect poorly on the organisation’s approach to equity. This can emerge organically over time with different hiring manager approaches, different times of employment, varying benchmark approaches and different employee negotiation tactics.
  3. Inconsistent Compensation
    A lack of formalised pay structures and banding rationale can lead to marked inequities, where similar roles in different departments or locations receive varying salaries.

Strategic Solutions and Benefits

By implementing strategic remuneration solutions, NFPs can unlock benefits that cause a positive ripple through their operations, including:

  1. Improved Recruitment and Retention
    A balanced compensation framework tied to organisational outcomes and impact metrics can increase applicant numbers and reduce turnover, positioning the NFP as an employer of choice.
  2. Financial Sustainability
    A structured remuneration program enhances employee engagement, leading to improved service delivery and operational capacity.
  3. Performance and Accountability
    Including performance metrics in compensation plans can increase employee motivation to work towards the organisation’s objectives, thus improving the efficiency of the program.
  4. Strengthening Reputation
    Transparent and equitable pay practices builds trust among stakeholders, leading to either increased or new funding potential as well as successful program outcomes.

The Role of a Strategic Remuneration Review

A strategic review of the organisation’s compensation practices can optimise the organisation’s ability to retain, attract and engage talent. The benefit of conducting this with an independent and specialised NFP consultant is the in-depth analysis and strategic context in recommending an optimal and sustainable framework for your organisation. Enterprise Care has been providing NFP salary benchmarking for over 25 years and has provided advice to hundreds of NFP’s across Australia. A strategic remuneration review is designed to address the following challenges:

  1. Fair and Competitive Compensation Packages
    Through up-to-date specialist market benchmark data and hundreds of NFP engagements, we help NFPs structure compensation packages that support sustainable talent attraction and retention..
  2. Alignment with Organisational Context
    Our consultants ensure remuneration strategies are reviewed in the context of all organisation parameters, including the classification and size of NFP, the organisation’s mission and strategic trajectory.
  3. Performance and Retention
    Ensuring understanding of 2 distinct elements when applying benchmarking. A role is benchmarked against the specific duties of that role regardless of the individual performing those duties. Separately, individual performance levels are then considered as part of remuneration banding steps. For example, someone very new to a role still learning would be remunerated differently to someone highly experienced/outperforming in that role. The framework we provide empowers your organisation with clear guidelines that outline both aspects of benchmarking.
  4. Compliance and Best Practices
    We ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations, safeguarding the NFP’s reputation and operational integrity.

A Partner in Mission Achievement

Partnering with Enterprise Care provides:

  1. Expert Guidance
    Over 25 years of in-depth expertise and specialised knowledge of NFP remuneration
  2. Strategic Insight
    Independent and specialised advice on defining and implementing sustainable remuneration strategy aligned to the organisation’s goals.
  3. Employee Engagement and Retention
    Up to date knowledge and currency of thinking informs the framing of meaningful compensation packages that enhance engagement and reduce turnover.


Having a clearly defined and market relevant remuneration strategy is more critical than ever. Underpinning the success and sustainability of the strategy should be a comprehensive and specialist review of remuneration practices. This involves using reliable, relevant and up to date benchmark data and critically analysing any areas of potential talent exposure/misalignment.

How we can help you

Enterprise Care has been providing specialist NFP benchmarking services across Australia for over 25 years. If you’d like to find out more about these services, contact Enterprise Care through or alternatively visit the website: