Membership Marketing that gets Results


Membership Marketing that gets Results


Overview and Purpose

For many Not for Profit organisations, members are their prime reason for existing. Even for those Not for Profit organisations that do not have ‘traditional’ members, there is a wide spectrum of ‘constituencies’ that act in a similar manner to members.

This publication explores the issues of membership marketing in terms of membership surveys, recruitment, retention, and databases.

One of the main challenges facing membership marketing in the next decade is that there is too much emphasis on providing current services (especially those that have been around for a long time), and too little emphasis on developing a leadership role, espousing a vision, and developing new services that assist members in a changing environment.

Membership Marketing that gets Results will assist you in implementing a marketing solution for your Not for Profit organisation.

Topics Covered

  • framework (Including market segment and defining market needs);
  • member recruitment;
  • member retention;
  • sample tools on member surveys;
  • database management systems; and
  • sample marketing plan.