Governance Practice and Policies Manual


Governance Practice and Policies Manual


Overview and Purpose

The Governance Practice and Policies Manual provides the basis for developing your Board’s very own policy guidelines. Delivered in WORD format, the manual is designed to be customised to your organisation. There is no need to make changes immediately; allow the manual to evolve and tailor it as the need arises.

This easy-to-follow manual is proven from use in various organisations. At around 100 pages, it offers an outline of an appropriate governance framework and has sections on: Board role and processes; role of the CEO; operational policies and procedures; and Instrument of Delegation. This is truly a great `Know How, Do Now` Manual and offers an excellent solution to your need for a Governance Practice and Policies Manual.

Topics covered


  • Vision, Mission, Goals, Values and documentation.

Role of the Board and Processes

  • Role of the Board of Directors;
  • Key functions of the Board;
  • Meetings;
  • Role of the Chair;
  • Duties of Directors;
  • Committees;
  • Conflict of interest; and
  • Director induction, development and review.

Role of the CEO

  • Role, responsibilities and duties
  • Scope of authority

Operational Policies and Procedures

  • Management and leadership;
  • HR management;
  • Volunteers;
  • Communication;
  • Client records; and
  • Finance and accounting.

Instrument of Delegation

  • Authorisation;
  • Properties / assets / equipment;
  • Finance and accounting;
  • Stock requisitions / orders;
  • Staff and establishment;
  • Contracts / agreements / insurance / policies; and
  • Public statement / submissions / miscellaneous.