Directors Induction Manual


Directors Induction Manual


Induction of a new Board member is a vital step in the process of achieving your organisation’s goals and objectives.  It is crucial in ensuring that your new Board member becomes a valued contributor to the organisation, and that they become fully effective as quickly as possible.

A Board member’s role is multi-faceted, and needs to be undertaken with a full knowledge of the obligations, the risks and the issues relevant to the organisation.

This publication includes practical and up-to-date information on topics every new Board member should be aware of, as well as a comprehensive checklist for creating your own induction manual.

Topics Covered

What prospective and new Board members should know and understand, including:

  • organisational inheritance;
  • Associations incorporation legislation;
  • Corporations Act 2001;
  • legal responsibilities;
  • conflict of interest;
  • role of the Board and Directors;
  • Code of Conduct;
  • risk management;
  • relations between Board and staff; and
  • performance measurement framework.

Plus sample documents on:

  • roles and responsibilities;
  • job descriptions;
  • Code of Conduct;
  • Board/staff communications policy; and
  • Board training needs evaluation tool.