Governance Intelligence Domains and Policies





Good governance is the most fundamental under-pinner of an organisation’s success. It is vital for all organisations to be aware of the latest and most effective developments in the governance area, especially at a time of frequent significant under-performance by many Governing Bodies.

In order to appreciate the significance of the Enterprise Care approach to governance, it is essential to understand the thinking that underpins the Governance Intelligence® Model.

The Governance Intelligence® Model provides the essential and underlying principles giving rise to a blueprint for the governing of an organisation. Separately, it provides the necessary and vital support for sustaining continual transformation of the organisation.

As part of that understanding, it is important to consider the various players involved, together with their roles and responsibilities.


The central and most fundamental feature of the Governance Intelligence® Model is the recognition of the presence in each organisation of seven (7) Domains. The Domains represent the indispensable elements that exist within any organisation. The Domains are highly interdependent. Without each of the Domains fully operating and contributing, both alone and together, then the whole organisation, including the key groupings that represent all of the organisation activity, may function at a sub-optimum level.

The Governance Intelligence® Model is designed to enable the application of a rigorous and dynamic facilitative process within each of the seven (7) Domains. The Governance Intelligence® Model elicits commitment to the ongoing practice of good governance of an organisation by helping to systematically manage the transformation within each of the Domains. Hence, rather than being prescriptive or compliance-based, the model generates positive, active and engaging roles for the Governing Body, CEO, and the staff in realising the organisation’s mission. This is a major step towards a Governing Body accepting full responsibility for its own actions. It ensures the undertaking of a journey and the learning associated with it, thus emphasising that the journey is more important than the destination.

This publication provides a detailed overview of the seven (7) Domains of Governance together with a discussion of their application within organisations. Also provided is a comprehensive current governance policy for each Domain which can be individualised and adopted for use by your organisation.

Ensure that your organisation has access to the very latest in cutting-edge thinking in the governance area with this Governance Intelligence® publication.