Personal Remuneration Check-up

Do you want to know what you’re worth?

Do you want to keep up to date with the latest salary trends in the Not for Profit sector?

If you answered yes to the above questions then our Personal Remuneration Check is for you.

Enterprise Care holds Not for Profit remuneration data for over 50 positions, (including CEO) and we can benchmark your position against the latest salary information available.

Simply order online and return the completed Organisation Details form. (Please download the Organisation Details Form from the link on your Tax Invoice).

We will then benchmark your level of remuneration for:

  • role title;
  • organisation expense category;
  • organisation size;
  • number of paid members;
  • geographical scope;
  • headquarters location; and
  • organisation classification.

The report contains straight forward, accurate information which is invaluable for your next performance evaluation and remuneration review.

Note: Only available for Not for Profits, Consultants please purchase the Consultant Portal Access

Get your Personal Remuneration Check today!

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