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Enterprise Care’s FY22 Remuneration Portal
Highlights the Benefit Equation

In pandemic times, it seems counter-intuitive to be offering any form of additional leave.

Currently annual leave accruals are in excessive amounts. Many organisations will be soon, if not already, overwhelmed with leave requests.

So, does it make sense to be offering more leave than the regular 4 weeks? 

The build-up of annual leave plus additional leave requests for overdue holidays will play havoc with rosters and staffing needs. This aligns with the continuity concern – will their workload be effectively managed when away or due to single point of failure will work halt until that person returns.

We’ve all taken a wonderful holiday only to return to a work situation with more stress than when we left, negating the benefit of the leave. 

On the flip side, another key consideration is well-being of staff – encouraging regular short holidays can be the difference between happy effective workers and burnt out ones. 

If you think it is a good idea to offer extra leave in exchange for higher cash salaries, please factor in what will happen to that person’s job when away.  

Leave and not just annual leave ought to be now a greater consideration in your remuneration planning strategy!

Australian HR Institute recently identified “10 progressive leave policies that could make your workplace stand out” by Edie-Louise Diemar dated 9 July 2021, where these were grouped under an umbrella of “life leave”. 

Track how others are dealing with leave in this creative way via the FY22 NFP Remuneration Portal or chat to our consultants about your salary packaging or remuneration arrangements.