Practical Board Appraisal Techniques


Practical Board Appraisal Techniques


Overview and Purpose

To ensure the effectiveness of an organisation, the performance of everyone involved should be measured, including the Board. But how do you go about this and what do you measure?

An effective Board operates in a culture of transparent accountability. The Board holds the Chief Executive Officer accountable (and assesses performance), the CEO holds staff accountable (and assesses performance), and the constituency is entitled to hold the Board accountable. In order to do this properly, a robust Board Appraisal and review needs to be conducted on an annual basis.

This publication includes a framework for Board appraisal; identifies relevant issues; and offers a number of different appraisal methods, such as the reflective, peer review, and self-evaluation techniques.

The Practical Board Appraisal Techniques is intended as a step by step tool to assist an organisation’s Board and Chief Executive Officer with the appraisal process.

Please note that throughout the publication, where there is a reference to the Board, any organisation that operates with a Committee can read these terms interchangeably.