Salary Reviews and Advisory Services

Independent & Cost Effective:

Enterprise Care offers independent and cost-effective reviews of current salary/remuneration practices and ongoing management.

Tailored to You:

Above all, we ensure our recommendations are tailored to the size and nature of your organisation.

Extensive Data Inputs:

We use the latest salary information from our extensive in-house data cross referenced with external market data to ensure the advice provided is of the highest quality.

Market Positioning

On behalf of various NFPs our team conducts several analyses with regards to benchmarking remuneration. Over the years Enterprise Care has developed and customised analytic tools that add value to the market benchmarking process. Our team can do scenario analysis, gap analysis, job matching exercises to market salary surveys and costing analysis. We also provide illustrative dashboards to clients that assist them with presenting market benchmarking analysis to their Boards, as well as executive and remuneration committees.

Talk to Us Today About

  • Cost-Effective Classification approach: classifying jobs into a grade structure.
  • Simple Ranking approach: ensuring internal consistency and understanding.
  • Complex Points approach: enabling internal management and accountability of reporting to the board and or senior management team.

All Encompassing or Role Specific

We can provide a comprehensive written remuneration report for the entire organisation across all levels, or we can provide a bespoke report for the following key positions:

  • Chairman,
  • Board Member,
  • CEO, and
  • Senior Executive.

So, please contact Enterprise Care today to discuss how we can assist your organisation: email or phone +61 3 .