Governance Intelligence Rater




Uniquely Revolutionary

The Governance Intelligence® Rater assesses your personal governance effectiveness through a unique and comprehensive self-examination of your governance practices, and recommends areas for further professional development.


  • getting to know your governance value-add is important;
  • having a personal governance checkup is about being professional;
  • identifying a professional development program is a must do for you and your Board; and
  • ensuring your governance contributions are for the good of the organisation.


  • taking the pulse of your personal governance practice is credible and smart.


  • Don’t wait do it now!

This ground-breaking tool supports Directors who view their role as a professional one. The practice of governance is a journey, and the Governance Intelligence® Rater is a great support to Directors along the way.

The Governance Intelligence® Rater is designed to assess your personal effectiveness in the practice of governance through a comprehensive self-examination of your governance practices.

Immediate results are available at the click of a button. Simply select the relevant option about your performance as a Director from a range of statements, and an instant report will be produced. The report measures your level of effectiveness against each of the identified Enterprise Care governance transformational catalysts, making suggestions for professional improvement where necessary.

The report also contains an average achievement rating for other Directors, allowing you to benchmark your governance performance.

If you are serious about improving your governance performance, then undertaking the Governance Intelligence® Rater is your ‘must do now’ task.

Already, Directors who have completed the Governance Intelligence® Rater have taken the first steps in improving their governance performance.