Governance Intelligence Domain of Strategy Handbook




Strategy is a subject often spoken of, but as a tool, rarely used to achieve excellent outcomes and effective positive purpose.

This publication invites directors and senior managers to focus on two critically important questions: –

1. are we doing the right things? (the external focus); and
2. are we doing things right? (the internal focus).

This focus sharpens an organisation’s leaders need for maintaining a clear understanding of the organisation’s strategic thrust, business model and systems.

Strategy is a key part of sound governance.

Sound governance itself demands the integration of strategic thinking with vision-directed strategic planning, consistent alignment throughout the organisation, and tracking what is achieved.

A fundamental requirement for a sustainable organisation is the creation and application of strategy. Research shows sound governance delivers sustainable productivity and growth.

Hence for directors and senior managers, being involved and taking responsibility is not optional.

Sustainability is about all directors and senior management finding a winning combination of strategy that adds value to their organisations whilst mitigating unreasonable risk.

Management may promulgate the vision but directors must imbue perspective and ground it in reality.

This publication reveals the wonderful world of strategy.

It presents many ideas and thoughts to motivate and enthuse treating strategy as a tool for great organisational impact.

Read this and be forever changed in your governance role.