Finance and Audit Committee Charter


Finance and Audit Committee Charter


Overview and Purpose

Is your Finance and/or Audit committee acting to the best of their ability and providing the Board with all the information it requires to achieve your organisation’s objectives?

Do you know if you’re complying with all applicable financial laws and regulations?

Understanding an organisation’s finances can be a complex and time consuming task. The Finance and Audit Committee plays an integral role in any Not for Profit organisation, and ensuring your committee is acting at their optimum level should be of the highest priority. A professional and fully-functioning committee can assist Boards in achieving the financial and strategic objectives of the organisation.

This Finance and Audit Committee Charter is a fully-editable document with all the information you will need to create your organisation’s very own Charter.

Topics Include:

  • the key responsibilities of the Committee;
  • applicable areas of regulation relating to the financial management of the organisation;
  • the composition, independence and running of an optimal committee;
  • the duties and responsibilities of the committee as a whole, including:
    • meetings
    • financial plans
    • revenue generation
    • monitoring of financial performance
    • financial controls
  • duties of the Chair;
  • responsibilities of the CEO; and
  • dealings with an external auditor.

Can you afford not to have this valuable Charter in your organisation?