Director Assessment Diagnostic




Ever wondered what it would be like to test how great your governance performance really is? Wonder no longer Enterprise Care has the answer in the Director Assessment Diagnostic for your Board.

The Director Assessment Diagnostic (DAD) is part of Enterprise Care’s new cutting-edge suite of online governance surveys. Designed to assess the performance of individual Directors, and the Board as a whole, the DAD is an innovative, simple, easy-to-use tool in benchmarking governance performance.

The DAD is ideal for Boards seeking to review their performance and identify a practical course of action to improve Director effectiveness and outcomes.

The survey is available online via the secure Enterprise Care website. It is able to be completed anywhere in the world at any time.

Directors simply complete the online survey by rating against a range of statements. Once the survey is complete, a personalised report will be produced by Enterprise Care’s specialist governance consultants.

The report will offer in graphical format:

  • rating of self;
  • averaged rating of self by fellow Directors;
  • averaged rating for Board; and
  • averaged rating of a Director within sector.

The results are anonymous, allowing Directors to be honest and frank in their assessments.

The survey uses the Enterprise Care Governance Intelligence® Framework to discover in which areas of governance Directors may need further professional development. It suggests possible actions that could be undertaken to develop governance knowledge in those areas.

By undertaking the DAD, Directors will give their governance experience the `WOW` factor.

The survey, which is the first of its kind internationally, assesses a Director’s effectiveness in the Enterprise Care Governance IntelligenceTM seven (7) Domains of organisational governance. It provides an assessment of the value-add offered by a Director in their governance role.

The confidential report can be used in different ways, such as:

  • for individual Directors to assess their own governance performance;
  • for individual Directors to inform their future professional development program;
  • for the Board Chair to assess the governance performance of Directors; and/or
  • to confirm to stakeholders the Board’s accountability to their governance responsibilities, and preparedness to be professionally and rigorously assessed.