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The Inestimable Value of Governance

10/07/2019 11:28 AM

The Inestimable Value of Governance

Happy new year for FY2020.

Our challenge is clear. Organisations need to garner their directors and leadership group to commit to achieving at least 10% improvement in their present governance practices.

What will start and sustain this transformative commitment?

If today, governance is more important than ever before, and more and more directors, leaders, community stakeholders, and regulators believe this to be true, then the right actions must be pursued.

One key factor is to ensure there is flexibility and agility included in any set of governance practices. For it is both the flexibility and agility which underpins the long-term viability and effectiveness of an organisation’s governance practices.

Remember every challenge has a starting point; why not mark yours with July 2019?

The Inestimable Value of Governance


Increased Focus on Transparency

Increased Focus on Transparency

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The performance review “under review” Recently Atlassian