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Staff Engagement is Your Key to Success

04/04/2019 4:21 PM

Staff Engagement is Your Key to Success

A key governance commitment for any organisation concerns the conduct of an annual staff engagement survey as part of the evolving engagement program.

The basis of this decision needs to be one that acknowledges engagement is a critical enabler of an organisation’s chances of successfully achieving its business strategy over the longer term.

Engagement is not a short-term initiative; nor is it simply achieved with measuring the level of employee engagement. It is not and must not be seen as a survey per se.

There is a lot more to it than simply that.

Why have an engagement survey?

An organisation’s commitment to be a high performing organisation is achievable over the long term provided it maintains and strengthens the sense among all employees of being an engaged “family”. This ensures with greater certainty that there is “one-team” who are a group of highly motivated, hardworking individuals, who are happy to promote their organisation to others.

Whether it is productivity or performance, retention of staff or customer satisfaction, or business partners and relationships, staff will more positively impact these key performance indicators, the more they are engaged.

Unless the engagement survey addresses how engaged your employees are, and what is driving that engagement, then how do you manage it today; let alone tomorrow?

As Peter Drucker famously said:

“Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things”.

The board in setting the organisation’s strategic direction wants to also strengthen “doing the right things”.

Creating and embedding the engagement narrative around the organisation’s purpose and values involves much more than a survey. It involves all senior leaders assuming real ownership of “their engagement program”; and continuing that demonstration via their commitment to bringing the necessary change to their area of the business which delivers the agreed right business performance outcomes.

Staff Engagement is Your Key to Success


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