Assessment Templates on Board ...

Many Boards find conducting an assessment of their current and potential Board composition to be a very challenging task. There are many difficult questions which need to be asked, such as:

  • Where do we start?
  • How do we determine the best potential composition?
  • What can be done with the existing Board members?

These assessment templates offer a simple but very effective approach to the handling of these difficult questions. They offer a comprehensive and inclusive way of determining your Board’s strengths and weaknesses in an objective manner.

The Assessment Templates on Board Composition are a proven way of ensuring that your Board has the necessary skills-base to work effectively in delivering your organisation’s goals and objectives.

Board and Director Governance ...

Overview and Purpose

Good governance dictates that regular performance evaluations should be conducted of both a Board as a whole, and Directors individually. The Board and Director Performance Evaluation Program offers a practical approach to conducting an internal performance evaluation of your Board and Directors.

The publication is a combination of workshop material and evaluation tool. It prompts Directors to reflect on key issues within their organisation, providing the basis for development of an evaluation program.

The program includes an extensive sample evaluation questionnaire that can be tailored for your Board. This inexpensive program is a great alternative to hiring external consultants, and is an ideal way of introducing your Board to the concept of evaluating their own performance.

Topics Covered

  • Overview of the evaluation program;
  • Purpose and means of the evaluation;
  • Checklist of possible review topics;
  • Structuring the evaluation;
  • Developing the evaluation format; and
  • A substantial and expansive Performance Evaluation tool.

Board Appraisal Tool

Board appraisals are an important way to measure and assess the effectiveness of an organisation’s Board operations. The Board Appraisal Tool is a quick and easy way to get your Directors thinking about the performance of the Board as a whole, and to draw out areas of commentary on identified key issues that many Boards face.

The Board Appraisal Tool is designed to be self-administered by a member of the Board (possibly the Chair), and can be implemented without any external support. The ease of use of this tool will allow your organisation to quickly identify any areas of Board operations that need immediate attention.

Board Checklist for Signing Fi...

Compliance is a critical component of a Board’s responsibilities. Signing-off on financial statements is an important regulatory requirement prior to presenting financial reports to stakeholders and regulatory bodies.

This checklist is designed to provide a summary of key questions the Board should ask in relation to the financial statements, in order to ensure that they are accurate and fully comply with the various Accounting standards and regulatory body requirements.

The importance of having such a checklist is to ensure Boards better understand financial reporting, and are better able to discharge this key responsibility.

This checklist should be seen as Work in Progress and can be expanded over time. It offers an important starting point.

Board Confidentiality Policy

The Board Confidentiality Policy outlines everything a Board or Committee member needs to know in regards to their role and responsibility for confidentiality to the organisation.

This fully-editable document can be implemented immediately, and demonstrates your Board’s commitment to good governance.

Simply input the document with your organisation’s details, and have a ready-made Confidentiality Policy for your Board members.

Board Meeting Agenda Template

The Board Meeting Agenda Template is a practical document to guide your organisation to efficient and effective meetings. The template outlines the legal and regulatory requirements for taking minutes of meetings and provides an example Board meeting agenda for use in your own Board and Committee meetings.

This detailed agenda covers a wide variety of topics that regularly occur in Board meetings, along with advice on how each agenda item should be handled. Provided as an editable WORD document, this template can be adapted and customised for use in your organisation immediately.

Board Succession Planning Temp...

Succession planning of a Board is important. It ensures an adequate and appropriate mix of gender, skills, characteristics and experience of Directors. The Board Succession Planning Template offers the opportunity to assess your current Board composition. It helps identify any characteristics that may be missing. The template helps you understand what skills and experience are required to allow your Board to operate more effectively both now, and in the future.

Boards are often reluctant to embrace a succession planning program. It can be a challenge getting them to even think about planning for Director retirement. Having an objectively based approach to Board Succession Planning is essential for both the risk and human resource management of your organisation.

This template also offers substantial support in conducting your Board’s succession planning. Once introduced, it provides an ongoing process to manage the Board’s renewal over many years. It is the best way to ensure your Board is relevant and capable of adding value. Utilise our Board Succession Planning Template, today or contact us today for further support!

Enterprise Care offers a wide range of services, including Board performance, Governance practice and reviews, performance management, and strategic positioning and thinking. We also offer a wide range of compliance and risk management plans to help you and your business.

Board Work Health and Safety (...

This checklist has been prepared by Job Safety AssistanceĀ®, the leading Australian advisers in the field of Work Health and Safety.

The template sets out for your organisation important WHS criteria for compliance. It provides questions to be addressed by the Board, together with areas to record the status of the criteria within the organisation and subsequent action details.

WHS compliance criteria covered by the Board Work Health and Safety Compliance Checklist include:

  • Leadership
  • Knowledge
  • Responsibility
  • Decision-making
  • Consultation/Co-operation
  • Health and Safety Committee
  • Work Health and Safety Management System/Program
  • WHS Reporting
  • WHS Due Diligence

This template checklist assists your organisation’s Board to ensure that the organisaiton is implementing its commitment to work health and safety and providing a safe and healthy working environment for all workers.

CEO Succession Contingency Pla...

Having a contingency plan for the unexpected death, illness, termination or resignation of a CEO is an essential part of the risk management of your organisation. Developing a policy which clearly outlines the procedures which need to occur can minimise any negative impact of this event on your staff, organisation, constituents and your reputation.

This practical tool will guide your organisation in developing your own contingency plan, which will help to ensure minimal disruption in the case of an emergency.

The CEO Succession Contingency Plan offers:

  • an outline of purpose;
  • an overview;
  • implementation guidelines; and
  • a suggestion of the significant risk areas and how they could be handled.

This Plan is a critical document for every Board.

Committee Meeting Minutes Temp...

Keeping your Board or Committee focused and effective during meetings can be a difficult task for a Chairperson. It can be a challenge ensuring that the meeting stays on track and that it adds value to the organisation.

The Enterprise Care Committee Meeting Minutes Template is a proven tool in keeping your meetings achievement focused. The Template demands a positive and productive approach to meetings through its innovative Action Program. Get more from your meetings with this simple but effective template.

Complaints Handling Policy and...

The way a complaint is dealt with can either enhance the reputation of an organisation, or damage it in the mind of the complainant forever. Rather than ignoring their existence, a real opportunity exists for organisations to take a complaint and turn it into a positive experience for the customer.

It is important for every member of an organisation’s staff to know and follow the correct complaints handling procedure, to ensure that the complainant gets the best possible customer service.

This document provides an outline of:

  • the objective for having a policy in place;
  • the nature of the complaints to be handled;
  • how to receive and record the complaint; and
  • the processing required to resolve any disputes.

Included is a template Complaints Entry Form, as well as a Process Flow Diagram which outlines the procedure in diagrammatic form for quick reference.

Conflict of Interest Policies ...

Ensure your Directors and senior managers are aware of their governance obligations with this comprehensive Conflict of Interest Policies and Procedures publication.Ā  Fully-editable, this policy template can be personalised for your organisation and put to use immediately.

The Conflict of Interest Policies and Procedures publication provides the requisite governance knowledge you need to design, implement and monitor your organisation’s very own conflict of interest policy.


  • Conflict of Interest Policy statement;
  • Explanation of what constitutes a conflict of interest;
  • Annual declaration form for Director’s signature;
  • Conflict of interest disclosure statement;
  • Gift policy and disclosure form and gift disclosure statement;
  • Conflict of interests register; and
  • A step-by-step guide on how to implement and monitor your organisation’s conflict of interest policy.

Know How and Do Now this Enterprise Care Conflict of Interest Policies and Procedures publication offers practical support for good governance in the Not for Profit sector.