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Since 1999 Enterprise Care has been conducting the Not for Profit Remuneration Survey. The resultant annual Not for Profit Remuneration Report is widely acclaimed as an indispensable tool for the NfP Sector.

The annual Remuneration Report contains market data on salary trends from a broad cross-section of Australian NfP organisations. The data is collected from organisations with a turnover of over $100M to those with less than $0.5M. The Report covers National and International and Locally based organisations, across over 20 NfP organisational classifications.

The Survey continues to retain the Report's status as a well-known, highly valued, and comprehensive source of Salary & Benefits data and information.

Enterprise Care’s remuneration and performance advisory experts are regularly called upon to evaluate current remuneration arrangements and offer their assessment of current practices and future programs.

Our experts have the qualifications, experience and knowledge to help you achieve good governance practices, and to delicately balance what may be the salary expectations of your employees against the available budget. Enterprise Care provides an important and increasingly sought-after unbiased and independent analysis of your remuneration practices to ensure your organisation retains integrity in decision-making and remains competitive.

Please contact Enterprise Care to discuss how we can assist your organisation: email or phone (03) 8862 6315.

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