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Our consultants work with you and provide you and your organisation with expert advice to help design or review your organisation's current remuneration strategy. 

We assist you to:-
  1. define the current remuneration and benefits strategy;
  2. evaluate the current remuneration and benefits strategy;
  3. ensure there is a transparent link between the strategy and your HR and business strategies;
  4. determine your organisation's current remuneration market position;
  5. identify the preferred mix of salary, benefits and performance components within remuneration packages;
  6. transition to a 'Total Remuneration Cost' model of structuring and communicating remuneration and benefits packages;
  7. determine the appropriateness of salary packaging within your organisation; and / or
  8. review what are the sound remuneration and HR practices to adopt or adapt within your organisation.
Enterprise Care’s consultants utilise Enterprise Care’s own Job Evaluation Methodology to analyse the positions under review.  Job evaluation is a process by which the relative job worth or ‘size’ of a position within an organisation is measured.  Job evaluation focuses on the actual requirements of the position, not on the incumbent in the role or their level of performance.  Job evaluation measures the content or value of the work and not the volume of work.  This process also takes a snapshot of the role at a particular point in time and does not encompass future changes to the role, unless they take effect more or less immediately after the evaluation.

Please contact Enterprise Care to discuss how we can assist your organisation: email or phone (03) 8862 6315.

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