The Not for Profit Remuneration Report

The Not for Profit Remuneration Report contains comprehensive remuneration analysis comprising over 300 pages, covering all levels across an organisation.
Demonstrate sound governance practices, and remain pro-active and ensure your staff are feeling valued and appreciated.

Personal Remuneration Check Up Report

Curious to know what you’re worth, then this Personal Remuneration Check-Up is right for you.
We will generate a report to benchmark your nominated position against the latest information available.
The report contains straight forward, accurate information which is invaluable for your next performance evaluation and remuneration review.


If you are considering rewarding your Directors but are unsure about where to begin, then here is your solution. Our Director Remuneration Reward Assessment tool helps you to consider how much remuneration is appropriate.
This tool provides a template and examplefor measuring Directors performance and determining an appropriate level of remuneration.

Evaluation and Benchmarking

Competitive remuneration packages are fundamental to a strong recruitment and retention strategy.
Regular and systematic evaluation and benchmarking of multiple key roles are crucial to achieving a competitive edge.
Enterprise Care undertakes Numerous remuneration projects/assignments in this area and our service is always highly valued.