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Why Review Remuneration?

What is Remuneration?

Remuneration consists of the monetary and non-financial forms of compensation provided by an employer.

It is made up of Base Salary, Superannuation and can also include:
  *  Fringe Benefits Tax
  *  Salary Sacrifice
  *  Annual Leave Loading
  *  Asset allowances (i.e. phone, laptop, car etc.)

Bonuses are discretionary and therefore are represented separately from Total Remuneration.

Benefits of Benchmarking:

Benchmarking ensures that your remuneration is fair, relative to the market you are operating in.

An effectively designed remuneration strategy supports:
  *  attracting high quality employees
  *  retaining great employees
  *  motivating existing employees

Why rely on Enterprise Care’s Not for Profit Remuneration Services?

Enterprise Care has been providing Not for Profit Remuneration reporting for 22 years. As a result of this history, we’ve been able to build incredibly rich trend data.

Over the decades we’ve continued to evolve and optimise our reporting. What began as physical publications has transitioned to digital publications and now for the first time an interactive online portal! This state of the art portal can be sliced and diced by you depending on your specific data needs across organisation and role characteristics.

Organisation Profile elements:

  • organisation classification
  • total expenditure
  • total number of employees
  • number of paid members (if applicable)
  • geographic scope
  • headquarters location

Role Profile elements:

  • role function
  • role level
  • gender makeup
  • length of time in position/at organisation