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2018-19 Remuneration Report, The Not for Profit - ePublication     (HUMAN RESOURCES)

2018-19 Remuneration Report, The Not for Profit - Consultants Manual     (HUMAN RESOURCES)

2019 New Zealand Salary Report, The Not for Profit - ePublication     (HUMAN RESOURCES)

Directors and Officers Insurance Checklist     (COMPLIANCE & RISK MANAGEMENT

Director Induction Manual     (GOVERNANCE

Finance Manual, The Not for Profit     (FINANCE)

Good Governance Guide     (GOVERNANCE

Human Resources Guide, The Not for Profit     (HUMAN RESOURCES)

Injury Management and Return to Work Guidelines    (WORK HEALTH & SAFETY)

Personal Remuneration Checkup     (HUMAN RESOURCES)

Work Health and Safety Contractor Compliance Guidelines, Agreement and Checklists     (WORK HEALTH & SAFETY)

Work Health and Safety Emergency Preparedness, Compliance and Evacuation Response Guidelines     (WORK HEALTH & SAFETY)

Your Guide to Recruiting and Retaining Excellent Senior Staff     (HUMAN RESOURCES)

Policies and Procedures

Board Confidentiality Policy     (GOVERNANCE

Complaints Handling Policy and Procedure Manual     (HUMAN RESOURCES)

Conflict of Interest Policies and Procedures     (GOVERNANCE


Governance Intelligence - Domains and Policies     (GOVERNANCE

Governance Practice and Policies Manual     (GOVERNANCE

Governance Scenarios      (GOVERNANCE

Procedures for the Management of Complaints: Re Members     (COMPLIANCE & RISK MANAGEMENT)

Risk Management Policy and Procedures     (COMPLIANCE & RISK MANAGEMENT)

Workplace Bullying Policy and Procedure      (COMPLIANCE & RISK MANAGEMENT)


Board and Director Performance Evaluation Program     (HUMAN RESOURCES

Board Charter, Not for Profit       (GOVERNANCE

Board Intelligence Insight      (GOVERNANCE

CEO Succession Contingency Plan      (COMPLIANCE & RISK MANAGEMENT)

Developing Not for Profit Performance Management Systems     (HUMAN RESOURCES

Developing Strategic Plans that Work     (STRATEGIC PLANNING

Director Assessment Diagnostic      (GOVERNANCE)

Director Remuneration Reward Assessment     (HUMAN RESOURCES)

Employment Agreement     (HUMAN RESOURCES

Finance and Audit Committee Charter      (FINANCE)

Governance Intelligence® Domain of Innovation Handbook     (GOVERNANCE)

Governance Intelligence® Domain of Strategy Handbook (STRATEGIC PLANNING)

Governance Intelligence® - Leadership in Organisations     (HUMAN RESOURCES)

Governance Intelligence® Rater      (GOVERNANCE

Governance Review Survey      (GOVERNANCE

Instrument of Delegation      (GOVERNANCE)

Job Evaluation Methodology     (HUMAN RESOURCES

Letter of Appointment: Non-Executive Director      (GOVERNANCE

Membership Marketing that gets Results     (MARKETING

Nominations for Directors       (GOVERNANCE

Practical Board Appraisal Techniques      (GOVERNANCE

Reviving Staff Performance and Productivity     (HUMAN RESOURCES

Self-Paced Director Development Program       (GOVERNANCE)

Strategic Customer Management     (MARKETING

Strategic Review Survey     (STRATEGIC PLANNING

Website Disclaimer      (COMPLIANCE & RISK MANAGEMENT


Assessment Templates on Board Composition      (GOVERNANCE

Board Appraisal Tool        (GOVERNANCE

Board Checklist for Signing Financials     (FINANCE)

Board Meeting Agenda Template      (GOVERNANCE

Board Succession Planning Template     (COMPLIANCE & RISK MANAGEMENT)

Board Work Health and Safety (WHS) Compliance Checklist     (WORK HEALTH & SAFETY)

Committee Meeting Minutes Template     (GOVERNANCE)

Directors Induction Checklist      (GOVERNANCE)

Employment Deed of Release     (HUMAN RESOURCES

Fraud Prevention Checklist      (FINANCE)

Governance and Board Papers Template     (GOVERNANCE)

Health and Safety Questionnaire for New Employees     (HUMAN RESOURCES)

Induction Checklist for New Employees     (HUMAN RESOURCES)

Performance Evaluation and Review of the CEO and Senior Staff    (HUMAN RESOURCES)

Performance Planning and Review Process    (HUMAN RESOURCES)

Strategic Reporting Template     (STRATEGIC PLANNING

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