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Work Health and Safety Emergency Preparedness, Compliance and Evacuation Response Guidelines

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This publication has been written by Job Safety Assistance®, leading Australian advisers in the field of Work Health and Safety.

This publication is designed to enable Directors and Senior Executives to audit their compliance with emergency recognition, preparation and evacuation response obligations and requirements in line with AS3745-2010 and Division 4 of the WHS Regulation.

The publication includes templates that can be personalised for your individual organisation.

Valuable guidelines, templates and checklists enable the person conducting a business or undertaking (PCBU) to assess their compliance with this crucial safety obligation.


As an organisation the PCBU is obligated to comply with State-based health and safety legislation and regulations, requiring the provision of a safe workplace for staff and visitors at all times. This extends to the prevention and management of unforeseen and potentially life-threatening emergency situations within the workplace.

The Australian Standard 3745 has been developed to provide a uniform code for managing emergency procedures and evacuations in the workplace. Adherence to this standard is not compulsory, but is widely recognised as best practice and the benchmark for developing compliant and effective emergency management programs.

Standards Australia’s 2010 update of AS 3745 Planning for emergencies in facilities now supersedes AS3745-2002.


To ensure effective procedures for all situations that may lead to unintended harm to persons, property or the environment from loss of control. To provide guidance on setting up and implementing procedures for the Emergency Planning Committee (EPC) of occupied and controlled buildings.