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Work Health and Safety Contractor Compliance Guidelines, Agreement and Checklists

Price: $407.00

This publication has been written by Job Safety Assistance®, leading Australian advisers in the field of Work Health and Safety.

This publication is designed to enable Directors and Senior Executives to ensure that the organisation’s premises and workers are safe while contracted persons are conducting maintenance, installations or repairs etc. at the workplace.

The publication provides valuable advice, templates and checklists to enable the person conducting a business or undertaking (PCBU) to provide guidelines to the contracted persons for their compliance. This ensures the contracted person has an understanding and acceptance of safety requirements on an organisation’s premises thus reducing the potential of injuries and liability.


These guidelines and agreement are for any contractor/sub-contractor, or service provider, who has been contracted or otherwise engaged to perform any form of contract installation, maintenance or other contractor related works and/or service to the workplace buildings, plant, equipment or grounds.

The agreement is focused on ensuring the contracted person/s meet all of the requirements under Chapter 5 and all relevant sections in Subdivisions 1 and 2 of the WHS Regulation.


The contractor will comply with all existing safe work practice standards.

The standards required are determined by the Work Health and Safety Act and Regulations, Safe Work Australia’s Codes of Practice and any other legislative requirements such as Australian Standards.

The guidelines relate to any requirement that may be in force and which relates specifically to the safe nature of the work to be performed by the contracted person.

It is the organisation’s Work Health and Safety Policy to ensure that its business is created and conducted in a safe environment where risks to the health and safety of either contractors or visitors are removed or controlled.