The Not for Profit Finance Manual




Overview and Purpose

The Not for Profit Finance Manual aims to assist Directors, CEOs, Committee members and other senior staff in their understanding of key financial information, and to provide examples of concepts, templates and reporting formats that will facilitate the strategic management of the organisation’s financial resources.

The Board’s role, from a financial perspective, is to ensure that the organisation remains solvent, that the organisation’s assets are protected and that the organisation has sufficient funds to meet its future obligations and to continue to deliver its existing products and services.

This manual provides an in-depth look at finances and financial reporting in a practical, relevant and realistic manner, and should be required reading for all Board members and staff to ensure the above objectives are fulfilled.

The Not for Profit Finance Manual will improve your Directors’ and Management’s:

  • understanding of finance;
  • viewing of operational and capital expenditures;
  • appreciation of ratios;
  • understanding of various ratios used to evaluate projects;
  • appreciation of cash flow management; and
  • understanding of budgeting process – both setting and monitoring.

Topics Covered

  • Role of the Board and Board committees;
  • Explanation of accounting terminology;
  • The budgeting process how to align finances to the Strategic Plan;
  • Monitoring financial performance meaningful Board, Committee and management reports;
  • Financial analysis how to make sense of the numbers;
  • Financial liquidity identifying the cash needs for the organisation to remain solvent;
  • Financial risks some of the key areas to look out for;
  • Financial controls what needs to be done to protect the organisation’s assets;
  • Policies and procedures what needs to be documented; and
  • Financial compliance making sure that all statutory and regulatory obligations are met.