February 2020 Value Offer – Directors Duties Checklist

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Save 40% on the Newly Updated Director’s Duties Checklist during February.

Stakeholders expect quality governance performance of your board. And equally important, Directors are under the microscope to perform effectively.

Serious issues of Director responsibilities and potential personal liability are, above all, top of mind among the public.  In particular, any poor governance event can destroy in moments an organisation’s reputation. The exposure is real and potentially devastating personally for Directors and organisations, financially.

As many Directors are time poor, then a succinct summary in one comprehensive document – The Enterprise Care Director’s Duties Checklist is an excellent resource. This Checklist supports the promotion of good governance; and ensures your Directors understand what they need to focus on in their role.

Importantly our Checklist addresses core issues such as:

  • Who appoints and removes the directors?
  • Are the criteria for Board appointments clearly stated?
  • What duties do directors owe to third parties?
  • Does the constitution address issues about conflict of interest?
  • Are risk management and reporting procedures in place?
  • Is the company adequately insured against relevant risks?

Our Director’s Duties Checklist provides answers to the above questions and more.

So what are you waiting for?

Take advantage of this great offer, save on the Director’s Duties Checklist and promote good governance in your organisation.

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