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Resources Subscription Service – Special Offer (Limited Time Only)

Price: $770


Resources Subscription Service Special Offer – Save over 20%

Obtain 12-month unrestricted access at a substantial discount to all Enterprise Care resources listed under our Publication Index.


The changing dynamics of our workplaces, especially when we are working remotely, give rise to new challenges and uncertainties. 

Hence immediacy of access to reliable resources to make informed and strategic decisions is critical for leaders. 

In view of this Enterprise Care offers a 12-month curated subscription to access expertly written resource materials offering practical value to Directors, Senior Executives and Managers.

Our Checklists and Templates are excellent tools, easy-to-use and readily customisable to suit the needs of your organisation.

In light of COVID-19,  we are offering the service at a discount, pay only $770.00 if you subscribe before 31 August 2020, (RRP$990.00).

The value of this Resources Subscription Service Special Offer is:

  1. 24/7 access to over fifty (50) expertly written resource materials
  2. Total RRP $16,065.00
  3. Eliminates waiting for special offers
  4. No waiting on ordering
  5. No more decisions about when and what to buy
  6. Always at your fingertips
  7. Immediate saving off RRP of $220.00
  8. At no cost, gain access to all new releases for no extra costs.

Simply login with your email address and password to access the Subscription Resources section on our website.

You can nominate multiple persons in your organisation to access the Subscription Resources anytime during the 12-month period.

Don’t delay, start your subscription today and operate with confidence in the coming financial year.

Note: Resources will be available after payment is confirmed.