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March 2020 Value Offer – Board Decision Making Checklist

Price: $132

New Release – Save 25% on the Board Decision Making Checklist during March.

Board decisions often have far-reaching consequences and significant impacts on the future of the organisation.

Decisions that are made without due consideration or planning, are seldom good or effective. As such we recommend that Boards adopt a systematic and disciplined approach in their decision-making processes.

This means that Management must provide the Board with timely, sufficient and correct information. The flow of information between Board and Management should allow directors ample opportunity to probe, analyse, and obtain insights,  in order to form proper decisions.

This publication also discuss the importance of clear decision-making lines, and the Board and Management dichotomy in the decision-making processes. In other words, organisation should have clear criteria on which decisions should go to the Board, and which are 100% Management.

In addition our Checklist suggests practical hints on how to improve Board decision-making processes via:

  • Board and Management relations and co-operations
  • Formalising the decision-making processes
  • Use of Board Annual Calendars

It also includes templates of Board Decision Checklist and Board Annual Calendars, and can be readily adapted for use.

Effective board decision-making is the epitome of good governance.

So what are you waiting for?

Take advantage of this great offer, save on the new Board Decision Making Checklist and promote good governance in your organisation.

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