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Injury Management and Return to Work Guidelines

Price: $275.00

This publication has been written by Job Safety Assistance®, leading Australian advisers in the field of Work Health and Safety.

This publication sets out for your organisation the details of appropriate guidelines to follow in the event of a health and safety incident occurring at the workplace in which a worker is injured. It recognises that an organisation has lawful commitments and responsibilities to injury management and return to work.

Detailed guidance is given as to the assistance to be provided to an injured worker in order for them to remain at work or to return to work as soon as it is safe for them to do so.

Items covered by the Injury Management and Return to Work Guidelines include:

  • Scope and objectives;
  • Injury prevention program summary;
  • Benefits that must be provided to injured workers;
  • Workers’ responsibilities in relation to injury management;
  • Guidelines for preparing a return to work program;
  • Preparing a return to work policy and plan;
  • The role of the RTW Co-ordinator;
  • Making contact with treating practitioners;
  • Guidelines for working with the Authorised Insurer;
  • Guidelines for returning injured workers back to work;
  • Guidelines for developing and implementing a return to work plan;
  • The steps to preparing return to work plans;
  • Guidelines for conducting job assessments – including Workplace Job Assessment Form and Worker Return to Work Questionnaire; and
  • The five (5) steps in preparing an offer of suitable employment – including Offer of Suitable Employment Form.

This publication ensures that your organisation is ready to put into practice its commitment to injury management and return to work in the event of worker injury.