FY23 Remuneration Portal: Medium NFP (51-250 empl.)


NFP Organisations Portal Access

Note: This price is for NFP Organisations only. Our FY23 portal will be launched on 2-Nov-2022. Access will be provided once payment is confirmed.

We tier our pricing based on the level of benefit our clients get from accessing our rich portal information. The more employees an organisation has, the more benefit they can gain from the portal data.

The Enterprise Care Not for Profit Remuneration Portal is extremely comprehensive and interactive. The portal provides an overview of remuneration by:

  • role level & function,
  • organisation sector, size & location,
  • 10 year trend analysis.

(Further details below)


FY23 Not for Profit Salary Benchmarking

Since 1999 Enterprise Care has been conducting the Not for Profit Salary Survey. Accordingly, the resultant annual NFP Remuneration Report has wide acclaim. For over twenty years our Report has been providing valuable salary data for the NFP sector.

We transformed the NFP Remuneration Report into an online portal in 2020 for the not-for-profit (NFP) sector. The first of its kind in Australia, this interactive digital platform will support NFPs in shaping defensible pay strategies and attracting high performing talent.

The portal covers a broad range of functions and positions from Board members, CEOs and Executives, to Managers, and lower operational levels. As a result, it is an indispensable tool for NFP salary benchmarking.

So, how competitive are your remuneration packages? The FY23 Enterprise Care Not for Profit Remuneration Online Portal has the answer.

Not only does the this allow you to benchmark data from the most recent financial year, it also includes 10-year trend analysis.

In addition, salary information are shown across key categories for each position covering many organisation profile and role profile elements.

As mentioned before, the Portal covers a broad range of positions and levels within each Function.

20 Functions covered. Board and Executive have 3 Role Levels and all other 18 functions have 4 Role Levels.

So what are you waiting for? Subscribe to the Portal now, and benefit from having this vital resource at your fingertips.

You can then be confident that your remuneration decisions accurately reflect the latest NFP salary trends in Australia.