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Organisations need a legal service advisor that provides more than just a sound knowledge of the law. We have expertise across a range of sectors and understand the key drivers operating within our clients’ organisations. We fully take into account the context in which our clients operate. 

Clients value our ability to completely understand the nature of their organisations and their operational requirements. In addition, it is our ability to provide practical and strategic advice in a cost-effective and efficient manner that is valued by our many clients over the years.

We articulate the range of issues to be addressed in any review or redraft of a Constitution and By-laws, and support the finalisation of the document together with the process to gain approval at the AGM. We advise and assist in matters of trademarks and intellectual property. We negotiate, document and advise on commercial and employment agreements/contracts across a diverse range of areas.

Our legal services cover:-

  • drafting and negotiating commercial contracts;
  • drafting supply and distribution agreements;
  • drafting joint venture, partnership and alliance agreements;
  • drafting confidentiality agreements;
  • advising, negotiating and drafting contracts for specific projects;
  • providing trade practices and consumer protection advice;
  • corporate governance and risk management;
  • employment and industrial relations;
  • intellectual property: trademarks - protection, enforcement and transactions; and
  • mergers and acquisitions and Memorandum of Agreement/Understanding.
Please contact Enterprise Care to discuss how we can assist your organisation: email or phone (03) 8862 6315.

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