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Salary Reviews and Advisory Services

Enterprise Care offers independent and cost-effective review of current salary/remuneration practices and ongoing salary/remuneration management.

Our salary reviews and advisory services also utilise the most appropriate methodology. Above all, we ensure our recommendations are commensurate with the size and nature of your organisation.

Furthermore, we can provide a comprehensive written report, detailing remuneration reviews for:

  • Chairman and Board 
  • CEO, and  
  • Senior Executive 

In addition, Enterprise Care applies extensive in-house and readily available market data to ensure the remuneration of the reviewed roles reflect determined market rate. This is done so it does not overburden the organisation with a complex and costly remuneration framework.

As an overview Enterprise Care is available to discuss:

  • Cost-Effective Classification approach
    Classifying jobs into a grade structure.
  • Simple Ranking approach
    Ensuring internal consistency and understanding.
  • Complex Points approach
    Enabling internal management and accountability of reporting to the board and or senior management team.

So, please contact Enterprise Care today to discuss how we can assist your organisation: email or phone +61 3 8862 6315.

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