People and Performance Management

Enterprise Care offers bespoke advice and consultation sessions to suit all your organisation’s people and performance management needs.

After being fully briefed on your requirements, our highly-skilled consultants will develop the preferred approach and most appropriate advisory services, which ensures the delivery of exceptional services and outcomes.

Areas that can be covered include:

Constructive Conflict Resolution

  • The causes of conflict
  • Conflict resolution steps
  • Conflict resolution competencies
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Stress management
  • Skills practice

Dealing with Difficult Interpersonal Relationships

  • Understanding the differences in people
  • Understanding what your interpersonal style is
  • Learning to identify the interpersonal style of other people
  • Understanding how to modify your style to make the relationship more productive

Job Evaluation

  • Linking job evaluation to organisational strategy
  • Articulating role purpose & objectives
  • Developing a position description
  • The Job Evaluation process

Problem Solving

  • What is problem solving?
  • Innovative Problem-solving techniques and strategies
  • Action planning for implementing innovative solutions
  • Personal characteristics of excellent problem solvers
  • Main barriers to innovative thinking

Staff Selection and Recruitment

  • Identifying effective recruitment strategies
  • Legal considerations
  • Preparing position descriptions and selection criteria
  • Interviewing preparation and techniques
  • Effective interview questions
  • Reference checking
  • Making an offer of employment

Effective Performance Management

  • A model of performance and performance management
  • Developing a performance plan
  • Reviewing the job context
  • An outline of performance conversations
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Planning for the future

Practical Project Management

  • Components of project management
  • Project feasibility and scope
  • Project plan and implementation
  • Managing the project, financial budgeting, risk analysis
  • Managing contracts
  • Team development
  • Performance indicators
  • Time management
  • Post implementation review

Please contact Enterprise Care to discuss how we can assist your organisation: email or phone +61 3 8862 6315.