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Enterprise Care's Governance Practice papers are practical - "Know How, Do Now" publications to assist your organisation with the various aspects of governance.  They offer easy-to-use information on how to implement or improve existing policies and procedures, and are written by acknowledged experts.  View our range of papers below.

Privacy, Spam and your Obligations

Privacy is an extremely important aspect of an organisation's business. All new staff and Board members  should be briefed on Australian privacy laws, your organisation's privacy policy and the handling of your member or customer information during their induction process.

This White Paper outlines information regarding the Spam Act and changes made to the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth). This White Paper should be compulsory reading for refreshing your existing employees on privacy laws, and for inducting new employees into how your organisation handles member's information.

Download a copy of this paper HERE...

Fraud Detection & Prevention in Not for Profits

Fraud is one of the greatest risks to the continued operation and reputation of a business.  Fraud can threaten investors' confidence, and can result in personal liability of the Directors of that organisation. In the case of Not for Profits, loss of reputation due to fraud can have significant affect on their funding from both corporate and individual donors, as well as government grants.

The white paper will detail a number of issues for Not for Profits to consider when implementing a fraud prevention program, including: What constitutes fraud; Fraud: Not just a dollar loss; Why does fraud occur?; Why is fraud not often detected?; Fraud in Australian Not for Profits; Some examples of fraud in Not for Profits; Board and Director's responsibility; Managing your fraud risk; Case studies of fraud in Australia; Some facts about fraud; Steps to follow when fraud is discovered; and A fraud prevention checklist.

Download a copy of this paper HERE...

Director Induction - Starting Right with the Right Start

Director Induction is an integral part of ensuring your Directors are valuable contributors to your Board. This white paper will outline a range of issues and topics that should be covered in your induction program, including: Organisational inheritance; Corporations Act 2001; Legal responsibilities; Duties of care and good faith; Conflict of interest; Role of the Board and Directors; Code of conduct; Relations between Board and staff; Planning framework; Strategic risk management; and Performance measurement framework.

Download a copy of this paper HERE...

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